Are we living in a post-trust world?

We very well might be.

We might have a society that values convenience over integrity. We might have reached a point where our attention spans are so short and we're so used to being let down, we can't remember which company failed us.

We're so used to being lied to - by CEO's, politicians and by the powers-that-be that we have just accepted it, in return for a convenient life.

Spend any amount of time on Facebook and TikTok and you will eventually discover why they are the two least trusted of media companies. 56% of people questioned do not trust either. Compare that to Google where only 5% have concern and Amazon where a measly 2% have trust issues.

Estate agency isn't much different. Ranked in the bottom three of trusted professions, alongside politicians that evade the truth and journalists that manipulate it. How on earth did it come to this?

For estate agents, its genesis has been in competition. In trying to be 'better than'. Which has resulted in a race to the bottom in fees and in service. A largely unregulated industry where agencies can pretty much say what they wish to win your instruction.

So my question to you is this: Do you need to trust an estate agency in order for them to sell your home?

Plenty of estate agencies will tell you they are trusted, but they would say that, wouldn't they?

Estate agency comparison sites are awash with fake reviews. Those that are genuine have little relevance because we don't know the standards that were applied. What might be a 5 star service in one vendor's eyes will rate only 3 stars in another's.

How then to trust?

"Our passion comes from who we are, not what we sell."   - Simon Sinek.

It's that simple!

Uncover who they are, they that are trying to sell you their services.

Those that 'hide in the shadows' and rely on brand awareness do so for very good reason. They need you to believe in their competence. It's something that you can't question because you simply don't know what they know.

But those that are an open-book, that put character before competence, are a rare breed.

Those companies put kindness, compassion and empathy at the heart of everything they do.

Not for them a post-trust world. The future of estate agency won't happen to them, it will be because of them.

We are determined to be part of that future, here at DM & Co.

A future that is predicated on TRUST.

The one quality that strips away mystery, illuminates the truth and is indispensable to a positive relationship.

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