Home, or Away?

After wisely deciding that online or hybrid estate agency isn't for them, many homeowners opt for a respected high-street agency. when the time comes to sell their home. One that has been established a good number of years.

One phone call later and this respected, and to be honest sometimes needy, agency is scheduling a listing presentation and , of course, the ubiquitous Free Market Appraisal.

The day arrives and the valuer from the agency, who seems very pleasant, spends a few minutes 'breaking the ice', asking a few questions about the reason for your move, explaining why you might consider their service, before taking a tour of the home.

What comes next is probably what you want to hear.  It's certainly not what you NEED to hear.

The valuation.

Every agent has an opinion. Their professional opinion and quite often it's just that. A forecast as to what any potential buyer might be willing to offer. Based on comparable sales already achieved for similar properties.  Based on prevailing market conditions that might inflate, or deflate the price you were hoping to hear.

Problem is, it's too early. Way too early to be discussing the valuation.

Next up is probably the fee.

This agenda, Why Choose Us - Valuation - Fee can be re-ordered according to individual agency preferences but in the space of one hour, that's the agency putting all of its cards on the table.

Guess what?  You don't even know if you can work together yet!

The agency might not be a good fit for you. You might not be a good fit for them, but it's a decision you will have to make based on the evidence.

A big decision.

A big decision because choosing the wrong agency can have disastrous consequences on the whole process of moving home.

A decision, though, that many agencies will ask you to make almost on-the-spot.

Expect, from some, a trial close. A reduction in their fee. Anthing that might persuade you to sign, there and them, on the dotted line. The more considerate ones will leave you to make that decision sometime soon.

That's the stark choice facing most homeowners. And why, so many choose the wrong agency, first time. That's the way it's always been done.

But the valuation and the fee is the least of your worries. Whether it's inflated, or pitched too low, the valuation isn't the immediate problem. Whether you pay hundreds more, or hundreds less, again, isn't the problem.

The problem comes in choosing the agency that is the perfect fit. An agency that you implicitly trust.

And since it's always wise, when outlining a problem, to provide a solution.

Here it is.

Instead of inviting one, or three agencies to your home, consider this option.

Don't invite the agency to your home.

Instead, ask to visit them at their office/branch.

See for yourself how they work. Do they out-source photography? Do they out-source agreed offers to completion, or is it done in-house? What is their culture? Who conducts the viewings? Who negotiates the offers?

If that takes more than one visit, so be it.

"Those that care, don't mind. And those that mind, don't care."   - Dr. Suezz.

Here's the kicket, though.

You visiting the agency at their office takes the pressure off both parties.

For the agency, it is no longer being judged on valuation, or fee. It can focus on explaining why it is deserving of your instruction. .

Those agencies that rely on fee, or valuation have little else to offer. Thats why they sell themselves so cheap.

For the homeowner, getting the best fit agency is paramount. It takes time to get to know them.

There should be no need for anyone to reveal the address of the property - because there's no valuation.

There's no need, having invited three competing agencies, to call two of them with the bad news. Sorry, it wasn't them.

All that's required is that the homeowner spends some time getting to know the agency and whether they match.

If they do, great. Arrange a home visit that will include the valuation (and the fee, if previously it was considered vulgar to talk money with a stranger:).

That's the solution.

A homeowner deliberately and carefully choosing, rather than being pressured into deciding.

Of course, we'd love for you to visit us here at DM & Co.

Either at our Dorridge office, or at our brand-new Head Office in Solihull.

Lisa, Adam, Kathy and the whole team have lots to show and tell.

We're so proud of what we do and of how we do it.

Most of all, we're proud of Who we are.

An estate agency that is creating the future through relationships rather than through transactions.

Come visit.  Come see how different we are.

Here's the number:

Dorridge/Knowle  Tel: 01564 777314

Solihull   Tel: 0121 775 0101

Home, or away?

Your choice, as always.