Side Effects May Include...

A feeling of loss, both emotional and financial.

A feeling of being ignored.

A feeling of frustration.

Temporary, or permanent delusion. Believing it was a good decision, despite evidence to the contrary.

A feeling of annoyance that you hadn't thought this through.

The "magic pill" that is the cheap online #estateagency.

Purportedly saving homeowners thousands of pounds in fees when they come to sell their home.

They're cheap and funny.  Especially funny.

But in most cases, there is a price to pay.

Whether up-front, or delayed until the sale of the property, it's a fixed fee that has to be paid regardless of whether your home sells.

And that may bring side effects.

If the sale falls through, a vendor will incur solicitor costs. If you use the firm's conveyancing, some are priced considerably more than comparable market rates. If the sales progression hits a bump in the road, will your problem be handled by a real person, or by an automated email system that operates in chronological order?

For all their faults, high street agencies work on a no sale-no fee basis. If they don't sell your home, they don't get paid.  Where an online agency gets paid, regardless, it encourages a flippant disregard for any normal standard of customer care. Mystery surrounds the number of unsold properties for some online agencies - vendors that have paid nearly a thousand pounds and remain precisely where they were twelve months ago. Even the best known online brands admit to selling only 80% of instructions, although the actual figure could be considerably fewer.

But perhaps the biggest side effect of choosing cheap is that you give away all control of the sale process.

They might tell you that your home is worth £50,000 more than you thought.

"Great, where do I sign?"

And when it doesn't sell, they apply pressure to reduce and reduce the price.  Until it does.

Do they care whether you object to a price reduction? They've been paid!  So, No is the answer. Keep your home at that price for all they care.

Contrast that with an agency that operates a no sale - no fee agreement.

Do they care if you object when a price reduction is suggested?  Of course.  You are at liberty to take your instruction elsewhere.  They won't get paid.

That's a big difference.

So you would be wise to consider all the side effects that might impact when the time comes to sell your home.

Here at DM & Co., we don't believe in a "magic pill".

We believe in a holistic approach.

Looking at the complete picture and what is best for the client.

We understand each individual part of the process and how they are brought together to make up the whole.

Our team doesn't prescribe something that they know won't fit. There are no hidden side effects.

That's why we are fast becoming recognized as the most trusted agency in Solihull.

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