The Lost Art of Sales Prevention.

On my way home, quite a while ago, and being the hopeless romantic that I am, I ventured into Vi Stevens, the florist on the Stratford Road, Shirley.

Not for me the petrol station forecourt and a five-bob bunch of freesias.

A comprehensive display awaited.

I'm very particular, though, has to be pink/lilac/purple.  Definitely no reds. or white and yellow doesn't do much, either, for the love of my life. Still, being a first-class florist, they had plenty of choice.

"That bunch at the back, please.".

The owner sorted out the bunch.

"Oh, these aren't fresh. I won't sell you these." she replied.

"How about the ranunculus then?

A closer inspection revealed the same.

"Oh, I'm sorry. These aren't so good either."

Now this wasn't a shop full of unsalable flowers.  There were some resplendent blooms, right in front of me.

Just not what I was looking for.

The owner missed out on a sale - but she left a big impression.

Contrast that with many sales cultures that will sell anything, to anybody.  Why would any business, estate agency in particular, turn away business?

Well, consider the consequences.

A bunch of flowers, that in all probability I would have purchased.  Flowers, that in a day or two would be past their sell-by-date.

A flower seller that had sold. Just not to a customer they could have sold to again.

Estate agency is no different. They are a varied bunch. Some looking out for the vendor.

"Sorry, that higher valuation isn't achievable."

"Sorry, we can't do that lower fee. We are worth more than other agencies."

Same with taking on instructions. One agency had a £1.25 million home advertised right next to one for £190,000.

Of course, they can sell both. But if I were the owner of the former (I wish), I would be concerned that the agency I had appointed was nothing more than a "jack of all trades.".

Creating a niche in a commodity market requires an agency to say No to some offers of an instruction.

Sales prevention might seem like an oxymoron, but a vendor has to trust the advice provided by those qualified to offer it.

" These flowers aren't fresh."

"This property has been over-valued."

They need to know that their first-choice estate agency isn't necessarily the best choice for them.  Or the agency.

What every great estate agency practices  - sales prevention.

Here at DM & Co., our culture is built on integrity. On transparency. On things that benefit the potential client - whether that brings them in, or sends them away.

So, we'd love to hear from you if you're thinking of moving anytime soon. There's no high-pressure selling. No deliberate manipulation. No equivocal money-back guarantee - it should never be necessary.

These numbers will reach us:

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