Talk about an action packed week, activity levels have been through the roof across the business with some real focus and attention on two very exciting departments - Lettings and Land & New Homes. We have also had the Commonwealth Games arrive in Birmingham! - It has been fantastic to hear and learn about so many local families that played their part in the opening ceremony - I enjoyed every minute of it and look forward to watching the games unfold.

This week, for me has been all about improvement. I was away last week, a sort of holiday(!) - it was a great time to think and listen to lots of podcasts that I hadn’t found the time to listen too. One of those was about ‘360 Feedback’ - this led me to really think long and hard about how we can improve our offering and service levels.

Those of you that know me, will know how important service is to me. I was incredibly nervous about doing this. I am a passionate 30-something business owner that is focussed on achieving and delivering the very best customer service. It is rare for ‘bad news’ to land on my desk but I’m only too aware that my direct contact with customers is far less than that of the thirty plus team that touches clients on a daily basis. So, what don’t I know?

I took this opportunity to fire out an email to 3000 people that have engaged with DM & Co. this year - it was a simple email that asked for constructive feedback and at this point my heart sank, what if they tell me we’re doing an awful job, what if they complain, what if, what if? - anyway, I bit the bullet and pressed send and I am delighted that over 200 (so far) have replied - some with really really valuable comments and suggestions that can be made, not from complaints, but from people that absolutely want to help and for that I would like to thank each and every one of you - without this feedback it is impossible to improve. I’ve had a couple of stinkers, and they hurt but that is to be expected when you care for something as deeply and strongly as I do. The good news is that I now know about it. Operating in an open, honest and transparent fashion is one of the reasons that I publish these weekly blogs, to give you an insight to the company and how it operate. It is also why I give my mobile number so freely (07595 903 811) - please don’t ever shy away from calling me.

In other news, I was really pleased to hear of more success coming from The Landlord Club, a completion took place in Shirley - a cracking 2-bed property on Collister Close and within a couple of days applications are already in from tenants! I cannot stress how important it is if you are a local landlord that wants to build a property portfolio - you should absolutely be speaking with Gabrielle and her fantastic team - click here to join!

If you are thinking of selling, or would like to sell but nervous about what the market is doing, please do get in touch or click here to book a valuation.

Right that is enough from me, I am going to start this week with Lisa’s round-up from the team in Dorridge…

The month is ending with a jam-packed Saturday of viewings! As the month has progressed, the number of new buyers calling the office has reduced, reflecting the start of the summer holidays. However, those motivated buyers or those who have been searching for a while, still eagerly wait for our ‘Property Alerts’ and ‘Sneak Peek’ videos each week. In fact, being on holiday has not stopped many still contacting us to arrange a viewing on their return, or even sending a family member or doing a FaceTime viewing so not to miss out! The team will always go that extra mile to ensure we provide the best service possible. We have had a busy week with people popping in to the office to ask for advice, about buying and selling, with low levels of stock and economic climate the hot topics of conversation. However, there are still many wanting to view and haven’t even got their own home on the market yet. My advice is, if you want to buy in this market, and you don’t have the means to bridge the finance, you need to sell to put yourself in the strongest position, or else you will miss out. Finally, I wanted to mention the fantastic community spirit this week as the Queen’s Baton passed through Dorridge. To see the support and feel the atmosphere was wonderful to witness, and we are very lucky to have our office in the heart of the village. Do pop in and meet the team, and see how we can help you.“ - Lisa Smith, Sales Director and Branch Manager of the Dorridge office

“Another week has flown by in a flurry of valuations, instructions, sales and completions. A regular question I have been asked this week by both buyers and sellers alike is 'are house prices going to rise or fall over the coming months'; now that really is the million dollar question, and a pretty much impossible one to try and accurately respond to. Another client asked me whether they should look to sell now or wait 'til next Spring? Not even the best fortune teller can surely predict this one. What I do know is that the Solihull market, and DM & Co. as proactive local agents, are certainly contradicting the doom and gloom merchants in the press. Despite another busy week of instructions we still have more demand than supply of stock - so yes, we need more properties to sell! Also this week I had eye opening discussions with a number of sellers who are stuck in a rut on the market with their current agent, not getting many viewings, not receiving any offers and undoubtedly the worst offence of all; having virtually no proactive contact, or contact at all for that matter, from their agent, who they are unfortunately tied in with in long contracts - seriously?? It staggers, and frustrates me, that agents feel the need to lock sellers in to unnecessarily and frankly absurdly long agency contracts, in order to sell a house in a market as active as this, if I were a seller I would certainly be asking some serious questions of an agent's confidence in their own abilities to sell my house if they feel they need to tie me into a contract for months on end! Mind boggling. Also this week nice to hear some very positive feedback and comments on our new recently launched boards, they are certainly catching the eye of passers by - so if you would like a 'BUY ME'  board outside your property, followed shortly thereafter by an 'I'M TAKEN'  board, give us a call today and we will be delighted to oblige! Have a great weekend and week ahead and dont forget to keep our number to hand for any local property related enquiry you have!” - Peter Faithfull, Solihull Branch Manage

“This week saw the launch of Jacobean Lane, Knowle, a £5m development opportunity ideal for a large housing development or luxury retirement scheme. Within a mile of Knowle High Street, this is sure to be one of the most sought after opportunities to high value house builders and we urge anyone that may be interested to register their interest today as we’ve just 5 weeks worth of marketing before the deadline for offers hits. Next week we’ll be launching Warwick House, 32 one bedroom apartments in Solihull town centre, all of which offer secure allocated parking. This scheme is going to be extremely popular with investors, offering over 5% returns across the board, as well as first time buyers, giving the opportunity to buy in a prime location, opposite Mell Square, from just £175,000. Keep an eye out for our launch next week and get in touch if you’re interested!” - Chris Evans, Head of Land & New Homes

“What a strange week. So at one end of the scale viewings have been quiet, we’ve been calling to our hot buyers and chatting to them on the beaches all round the world! On the instructions side of the business we are booming and heading for one of our best months ever. Quite a few of these instructions will be low profile, off market for now whilst we’re in this prolific holiday season so it’s more important than ever to keep an eye on your inbox for those off market viewing slots. If you haven’t registered with us and are looking, then please call the team for a chat about your requirements. We have an exceptional renovated barn, beautiful cottage in Rowington, incredible 8,500 sq foot home in Dorridge, stately looking home with annex in Hockley Heath with nearly 4 acres, two great family homes in Tidbury Green, gated home on Henley High Street and a secluded very pretty four bedroom home very close to Copt Heath Golf Course! NONE of these properties are on Rightmove, all in various stages of preparation, all quite different, all really lovely properties. Want to find out more? Please do get in contact - you can email me directly by clicking here.” - Kathy Griffiths, Head of Premium

“Where has this month gone! Well its gone extremely well for the Lettings Ladies with a first completed purchase by a member of the landlord club who collected keys from another agent on Monday & it was let by Thursday. Oh & you won't find it on Rightmove as it was let OFF MARKET with FIVE applications from prospective tenants. Talking of those magical words OFF MARKET, I am continuing my quest of selling those off exclusive investment opportunities to the landlord club next week with a group viewing on 2 of them next week in Coventry. Join The Landlord Club today for further information by clicking here!” - Gabrielle Argue, Head of Lettings

Thank you for taking the time to read this weeks market update - if you would like to know about anything property related, we would love to hear from, and help you. If you’d like to book a valuation, that is really easily done - click here!

Let’s be honest - selling your home is never going to be easy, there will always be something that doesn’t quite go to plan - what is incredibly important is how your agent reacts to these instances.

If you would like to learn more about how we operate, please get in touch with the Solihull or Dorridge office on 0121 775 0101 or 01564 777 314 respectively.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Dominic Murphy - email me here or WhatsApp on 07595 903 811

Managing Director – DM & Co. Homes