Why Shoud I buy From You?

Good question and one that is usually answered by most estate agents with the following:

"We sell more homes in Solihull than any other agency."

" Our brand-awareness is second to none."

"Our fees are transparent. It's £999 inc.vat".

" We have buyers ready and waiting".

"We use cutting-edge technology ."

" Our agents are 'local property experts'." 

" We are available 24/7. "

And so on and so on.....

In a highly competitive industry like estate agency, vendors and agencies alike will often consider these statements to be a competitive advantage. 

They're not!

They can all be easily replicated and all picked apart by some decent follow-up questions.

Problem is, most homeowners don't have a follow-up.  If they do, it's simply another chance for an agency to state and prove its worth. As Warren Buffet says: " Risk comes from not knowing what you're doing."

Competition is a race to the bottom.  For agencies that think they can out-compete others. Competition doesn't benefit the vendor because it results in a lower fee, it actually disadvantages the vendor because they aren't getting a better agency. Just a cheaper one.  One more interested in hitting their quarterly targets than achieving a premium price for their client.

So why choose DM & Co Homes?

Because our lens for creating a radically different future is based, not on any competitive advantages, but on solving the biggest problem facing every homeowner.

Which Estate Agency Can I Trust?

That's the question we are in the process of answering.

Because when an agency is trusted, there's no need to ask questions.  No need for an agency to explain the features and benefits of their service. No need to boast of the past and promise for the future.

The reference point isn't what we have done before, other agency's ideas, someone else's point of view.

We are creating the future and it doesn't start with the past.and with legacy thinking.

DM & Co. Homes is already a very, very different estate agency. We're not there yet, but getting closer to our vision.

So when you ask our remarkable team, " Why Should I Buy From You", the answer will be:

"Because we are the most trusted estate agency."

That doesn't require an in-depth understanding of estate agency and the sales process. It requires you to be a good judge of character - something that we all do every day.

Do I like this person? Do I trust them?

When you meet with Lisa and Kathy from our Dorridge branch, or Adam in our Solihull office, it will be their core values and character that stand out. A transparency that helps you find affinity. That's all we can ask of our clients.

Clients that like the way we think. Clients that like the things we say.