Any estate agency that does what Apple Does.

A visit to the local Apple store in Touchwood. To help my wife with her purchase of an iPhone.

We're both loyal users of Blackberry, but our network provider wasn't compatible for some tasks, so iPhone it had to be.

I've never been a fan of Apple as a product. Consequently I have spent very little time in their shops. Seen the crowds, of course, but had them pegged as 'arty media types' probably.

On this occasion, it required a deeper dive into what was already a done-deal. Whilst the salesman was checking the stock situation, I casually asked him if anyone ever asks for a discount on their phone?

" Everyone, I wish I could get a discount myself."

Now, I'm not privy to whether there are staff discounts, but it's crystal clear that Apple aren't into discounting their products or enticing additional sales with incentives.

They sell something that buyers want.

It's a phone, just the same as Samsung is a phone, but there wouldn't be lines outside the door if Samsung even had a shop.

No lines outside the door of any local estate agency, either.

They sell houses. And, I'm betting that there's more interest in houses than in mobile phones.  But no line.

Apple have a store. Just like the estate agency.

They are happy for anyone to come in and browse. To use the product. Without interruption, or obligation.

Why would a technology company invest in a store instead of selling purely online, I reasoned?

The place was heaving with school children. Learning and having fun.

How much better is it to connect face-to-face with them? Or to sit patiently with a pensioner, explaining rather than selling them something online?

Is that customer obsession available in any local estate agencies?

Are people invited in to discuss property without the obligatory request for information and registration?

There's an agency in the high street with a coffee shop attached. The place should be buzzing, not empty. It should be a place of excitement, inspiration and knowledge. Not lead capture.

Just like the Apple shop.

There's a price to pay, of course, when the time comes to sell with any agency that does what Apple does.

That's because the competition has to be cheaper - this agency's audience is steadfastly loyal. Cheaper is their only weapon left.

It's a vision that few estate agencies have - to do what Apple does.

The more you come to understand about DM & Co. Homes and about Dominic, the more likely you are to see his vision come to fruition.

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