The Conversations In Your Head.

It's that time.

The decision has been made. To put your home on the market and now you need an estate agency to help you make that happen.

Those conversations in your head might sound a little bit like this.

"How do I choose the best estate agency?"

"How will I know which is best?"

"What if I choose the wrong estate agency, what then?"

"Should I instruct the agency with the lowest fee?"

"Shoud I instruct the agency that values the highest?"

"Should I go with the most regonisable brand name?"

"Shoud I invite three agencies to a market appraisal, or just one?"

"What about the length of contract?"

" What if I change my mind once I have signed the contract?"

"Should I rely on comparison websites and social media recommendations?"

These and more, are probably just some of the questions floating around in your head, before you even pick up the phone to an agency.

Here's our advice.

Don't leave those questions to be answered at the time of the market appraisal.

You won't always get a straight answer.

Get the answers from the agency before they are invited.

Then, it's an entirely different conversation.

It's then a conversation with an agency that has taken the time to answer all those questions, in-depth. An agency that understands your problems.

Regardless of whether they become the agency of choice.

There's no pressure.  No presentation. No obligation.

Just a conversation to set your mind at ease.

If you're in Dorridge, pick up the phone and chat to Lisa, or Kathy. Here's the number.: 01564 777314

For Solihull, Adam is here to answer those questions. Tel: 0121 775 0101 will reach him.

If you'd rather call in to the office, we'd love to have those socially-distanced conversations face-to-face.

We hope we can be of service.