Hidden Accomplishments of an Estate Agency?

What do they actually do? For the money?

A good question. No doubt asked of many estate agencies over the years.

It's all to easy to respond with a glib remark and to summarise their achiement as over-paid and under-qualified. The depth of work, however, from the very best agencies largely goes unnoticed.

Here's what we actually do for the money.

"Introducing two people who don't know each other, but ought to." - Reid Hoffman.

Applying the seal of approval.

Sellers often know more about the quality of what they're offering than buyers do. Imagine a world without estate agents. Without someone who will stake their reputation on the description being accurate. On the negotiation being rigorous. On the asking price that reflects the current market.

Keeping everyone honest.

Without the integrity of the agency, buyers and sellers would face a veritable minefield of half-truths.

Reducing uncertainty.

Bearing the risk of a sale not completing requires skill in determining the type of risk an agency should embrace. No sale - no fee is the ultimate risk for any agency.

Making life easier.

These days vendors are encouraged to do many tasks, such as viewings and photos, themselves. Here's the truth - you will have more chance of obtaining a premium price the less you do yourself.

Taking the 'heat' .

Tough negotiations from a buyer, or lack of determination. Downgraded valuations from a survey, there is a raft of things that can go wrong when selling your home. You need proper insulation from that 'heat'.

Hidden Accomplishments are commonplace in estate agency, but many agencies do still lack experience and integrity. That's why they have a vested interest in persuading vendors that the fee is the most important aspect. Saving the vendor money is how they describe it. "The same as the High-Street agency, only cheaper."

A fixed fee when the required hours are variable isn't honest. It suggests that the agency will work for as long as it takes to get your home sold. When the reality is that it will probably pressure a vendor into reducing the price time and again until it sells.

Aren't those hidden Accomplishments worth paying a little bit extra?

Here at DM & Co. Homes, we believe the agency that puts most money in your pocket at the end of the day, regardless of the fee, is worthy of your trust and instruction.

That's why our Accomplishments are never hidden.

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