What a week that was, records broken and both the sales and lettings teams on fire.

Has Spring, sprung?

Activity is positive, properties that are being marketed correctly are attracting attention and those that attract attention tend to get sold - it isn’t rocket science.

At DM & Co. we are seeing a real spike in second steppers, those looking to sell their first home and move up the ladder - with this has to come education, now no longer first time buyers, but first time sellers - so what is the process, how do you sell your house for the first time?

There are lots of people out there looking to buy, but not yet in a position to proceed - be it that they are not sold, or in some instances not yet on the market. This teds to create somewhat of a lag, and plenty of patience is needed to keep chains together.

If you are a seller, never forget to fully understand the position of all offers - a lesser offer, in a stronger position - can often be the right choice.

If you would like to discuss the market or your property journey, please feel free to get in touch.